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Monday, October 17, 2005

For More Amateur Doctor Play

I am completely unthrilled with this turn of events.  I am happy that the orthopedists that my chiropractor suggested are on my insurance plan (SHOCKING!) and seem very highly qualified.  I think I’ll pick the sports medicine guy, because he seems as qualified as the other guy and he’s much much closer to the house.


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  1. Yikes! I feel so bad, i have somehow missed all of this! I’ve been using my “other” (crap) computer and have been neglecting many of my internet duties. This whole thing sounds very painful and icky!

    So, what’s the plan to make it better?

    Jess  on  10/17  at  01:37 PM
  2. I suggest stop seeing a chiropractor and have lots of sex.
    Just trying to make a funny.
    Witch doctors are fun to laugh at on cartoons but I wouldn’t pay to get treated by one.
    Especially when they damage your spine like that.
    I’m thinking lawsuit.

    Silent Leanne  on  10/17  at  03:26 PM
  3. Hmmm, but how would I sue if I went to the doctor after the pain/weakness started?  I think it’s a loser of a case.  Admit it, you wouldn’t take this one on contingency.

    Ugh, sex.  I want pain meds.  Maybe then sex.  But definitely, meds.  When anything starts affecting my sleep, I know it’s serious.  I’m a great sleeper.

    Flippy  on  10/17  at  03:54 PM
  4. i would totally go for meds over sex.  heck, i would choose donuts over sex.  but i like silent leanne’s thinking. grin  can you explain your results for the slow witted amongst us?

    jenB  on  10/18  at  12:07 AM
  5. I can blame all of society’s ills on chiropractors, soccer fans or Raider fans.

    If this problem only developed after consulting a witch doctor then have you ever been to a Raider game or watched soccer?

    If your brother is a chiropractor then this may be a karma issue.
    Have you considered putting him in a burning pot and offering him as a sacrifice?

    Remember that there’s no statute of limitations on blaming chiropractors for back issues in the future.
    I’m betting that at some point in your life you’ve been had errrr I mean treated by a quack errrr I mean chiropractor.

    Hey if it makes you feel any better the only remaining US corporations we’re invested in pay 6% and 0% tax respectively.  And any income we earn on those investments are barely taxed at all because they’re dividend or capital gains if we sell.

    All these rumors of medical costs and people needing health care are propaganda by the liberal media.

    Red States

    Silent Leanne  on  10/18  at  08:40 AM
  6. First of all, OMG at the cost of that MRI.  I sure hope that your insurance comes through for you.  I remember reading something on Mudpuppy’s blog that your insurance was kind of flakey!

    I *hope* that you get some relief soon.  Back trouble sucks because it bothers you no matter what you are doing.

    Expat  on  10/19  at  01:34 PM

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